Here are a few books that I’ve done.

Please buy them.

Except for Canada, I’ve decided to remove the option for international shipping at this time. If you live outside of the United States and want any of my books , e-mail me a ajanioloye at and I will figure how much it will cost (I can give you a discount on the book(s) if the shipping is too high).

Also, I can sign my name and put a small drawing of your choice into the book. After going to checkout, you can enter your request in the box to indicate special instructions to the seller. If you want a quick portrait, please direct me to a picture of yourself (contact me).


NYCsubsketch No. 1 ($12, 91 pgs)


My first book! This is a collection of sketches that covers my time in New York City from 2005-2008. Most of the sketches were done on the subway, hence the title.

NYCsubsketch No. 2 ($12, 150 pgs)


New! This is the continuation of the NYCsubsketch series, picking up where I left off in 2008 and going on until 2012. During this time, I lived in Japan, so almost all of these sketches are from Japan.

ABVD (Reg. cover – $7, special cover – $9, 16 pgs)

ABVDcover      ABVDcovers

In 2010, while still living in Japan, I was diagnosed with cancer. I felt that the experience was so unique that I had do to do something with it. The result is this comic.
This is a mostly-autobiographical telling of my experience with cancer treatment in Japan. Available in two versions. This comes in two editions. The special edition has an extra transparent film cover with the actual x-ray that was taken when I found out I had cancer.


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